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Minor Meltdown Over Some Mini Muffin Pans
January 2, 2010, 8:04 PM
Filed under: Baking Equipment

I worry a lot. I’m a worrier. I fuss over a lot of little things, little inconsistencies that no one else is especially concerned with. I’m slightly neurotic. This particular attribute was made extra evident this afternoon, as I spent roughly three hours debating over which mini muffin pan (the 24 cup commercial Oneida pan from Walmart, or the 24 cup “mini muffin pan” — officially named thusly — from Crate & Barrel?) was superior.

I weighed the pros and cons of cup sizes and cup shapes. I compared customer reviews, cost discrepancies, the color and texture of each pan (because these things matter, you know?). I visited my favorite bakers’ blogs to see what they have to say about baking pans. (None of them care about these finer points, incidentally.) I even looked at images of mini muffins and mini cupcakes on TasteSpotting and clicked through 60 pages of thumbnails on Flickr to figure out which shape I preferred. Yes, I am ridiculous, a total psycho. Tie me up and have me institutionalized.

Long story short (though not really, since I have so graciously — make that gratuitously — shared with you a good deal of the story already), I’ve decided to keep both pans. A single box of cake mix makes 48 mini cupcakes anyway.

So that my afternoon’s efforts are not put completely to waste, please view some of these lovely images I found and favorited on Flickr:

Sigh. These put my cell phone pictures to shame.

Next up: A few notes — or pictures, rather — on my renovated cake truffles. Plus, I’ve got some frosting experiments slated for next week/the week after. Will be making good use of the aforementioned mini muffin pans. Hope you had a happy Christmas!


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tifferny. you are hirarious.

this just made me super duper excited and made my day! =)
❤ ❤ ❤

Comment by kristielee

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